There isn’t a single part on a woman that is not worth kissing.
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smooth157: Love the way your body looks I would sex u up n dwn

dream on

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Anonymous: How come black actors are most likely playing a thug, gang banger, mugger, or drug dealer? Black actresses get much more credit than black actors. I wish it would change :/

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Anonymous: I don't have a tumblr account

make one

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Anonymous: you love it when a guy strokes his cock for you? (;

hell yes ! 

that shit is so sexy 

especially when they say my name 

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Anonymous: I wanna eat your booty. Kevin Gates style. #IDGT

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Anonymous: Not being disrespectful but do u suck dick?

nope i like biting it off 

hanging it up  letting it dry 

rub some spice on it 

and make some jerky out of it 

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tjay7485: Do you do smothering or wrestling?

i like bananas 

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smooth157: U got snap chat


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Anonymous: Can you sit on my face?

Can you handle it ?

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giannigarcia0107: Hey beautiful 😘😘

Hello 😜

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