Anonymous: Dat Ass Tho ..... Killing the game right now

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if u dont like hickeys or ass grabbin we are a no

(via oops-typo)

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Anonymous: The last pic of you in the your glasses is adorable, cute, pretty, and all those other words that are synonymous with attractive!!

aww thank you sweets !!!!ย 

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Anonymous: How would you feel if somebody read you and said they know you better than you know yourself.. Would you let them prove it or ignore it even if it was just to help you.

theres maybe only one person that can truly say that we talk every single day and they know everything there is to me and can read me even when i dont know myself not sure who you are but if you are not that person i highly doubt thatย 

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Anonymous: I don't want to have any sexual contract with you but think your a nice person and would like to hang with you and I'm in Tampa

lets do it !!!

i love tampa i love Ybor mostly prana, honey pot, and skye are some of the places i always go toย 

get off anon and hit me up we can maybe set something up :D

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