public service announcement 


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suavestephon: R u in a relationship? I want to get to know u better.

Single 😉

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latinmaleny1986: I wouldnt control you Mona. I would give you all the freedom to seek out all the pleasure you crave and deserve. <3 -a different kind of spanish guy. P.S. id make you tasty breakfastes


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bobsyris: I am fond of you what to do 😣

Buy me everything on my wish list

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zawind: I just wanted to say I not only love your body but there's something that's captivating about your eyes!!!

😍 thanks

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afrodisiac-dom: Thank you beautiful !


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Anonymous: How am I closed minded? Would you take any man serious who post his dick online? Probably not lol. So do you think a man would actually take a chick who post her pussy and titts as girlfriend material? I mean you may be fuckable. But are you wifeable

The fact that you care so much about me means a lot to me I must say that but yet you don’t have the balls to show your face when you’re speaking to me how can even take you seriously

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indicudking: 4 digits lol

um ok…

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talletz108: hellerz, you kmow i came accross your blog when i saw a pic of you, think you're cute n all, but while goin thru your blog n watchin your vidz, i was like hmm, i think i can acctually talk to her, beacause you said you just wana talk about whatever, so i got time n i hope you do too, i wouldnt mind makin a new friend or aquaintence. i just reblog any and everything btw.

lol well thank you and yes im pretty easy to speak to 

haha im not as bad as they make me out to be 

i just dont take disrespect or stupid questions 

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Anonymous: Would you do porn ?

ummm most likely not 

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lightningsdirection: What's your take on the race riots in Missouri? While I understand that people need to express their pain, but going out and destroying stores is totally unnecessary. What do you think?

i think its out of place whats done is done no matter how much you fight for it we all know we are not going to win us the people over the police i mean it also annoys me that everyone thinks its a white against black thing there are so many other races such as latinos indians and so on that have gotten shot innocently as well that doesnt make big head lines i believe people dont educate themselves on all that does go on just what makes the tv 

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