👅 I need new drinking buddies🍸

optimistc-lifter03: Ok what to do woman think about super huge guys (bodybuilders/powerlifters) i have no problem getting woman with my personality but i ever wonder if girls think I'm to huge because they make comments on how big I am all the time

again i am one person so i can not speak for all 

but i respect anyone big or small 

and i love big arms and chest on men 

and i have never seen a full body pic of you so i have no idea what you look like 

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Anonymous: You say you need a good man. But didn't you already have one? Why you didn't keep him? And is it possible that you have had several potential good men cross your path but failed to give them a chance or put them in the friend zone?

i did have one like 2 years ago or so 

but things end sometimes which that was one 

why didn’t i keep him ?   

-he was 49 yrs old

-he wanted to settle down and get married right away without us having a title 

-didn’t want me to  live anywhere near my family

-didn’t support me on wanting to get healthier 

and so on i don’t really have to lists all but since you are so nosey here is something else you can retain 

i haven’t dated in a year so i have no one to friend zone lol other than my fingers and toys 

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Anonymous: You get alot on comments on ig. I was wondering if actually read them or pay attention. Because you get several complements but never respond with any thank yous. But you are quick to respond to any negative comment. That just seems a bit stuck up

i do get a lot of comments … you are right 

and i do not reply back to all…. but i do to some 

negative comments i don’t respond to period unless you blow me up lol 

i have people telling me i should die and im a twinkie away from death 

do you see me responding back to that ? nope. 

clearly you want to start something without having the right facts 

but thanks for trying 

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parkthatassonmyface: You are the definition of a bbw. What an amazing woman you are. I follow you on ig as well. Cant get enough of that perfect body of yours.

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Anonymous: I see you have a picture posted of our interaction from a while back . I wanna get back in touch with you

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realdominican809: All I can Imagine is you having a really tasty pussy, and the best head game ever.

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Anonymous: You seriously are a queen, where's your crown Bonita lol

thought you was gonna buy me one ?

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